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Wild Horses Jewelry was inspired by our Mustang that was a wild stallion the first several years of his life (photo credit to Constance Grippin). Captured by a young Native American girl, he began his education of bonding with a human partner. Years later, he is now an older gentleman with a heart of gold, and a kind and gentle schoolmaster to our young grandchildren. He is a very special soul that is loved dearly.

Here at Wild Horses Jewelry, we work primarily with .999 Fine Silver, .925 Sterling Silver, Bronze, Copper, and a variety of semi-precious gemstones. Our collections include necklaces,  bracelets, earrings, custom pieces, and commissioned work.


We also do some pretty spectacular beadwork, using a variety of techniques such as Kumihimo (the ancient Japanese art of braiding), pearl-knotting, wire crochet, macramé, and a variety of specialty knots.


Each piece is hand-crafted and no two items are identical; therefore, your item may differ very slightly from the item shown in our shop.


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